Dhammaloka Project website is up

I would like to draw attention to a recently established website devoted to collecting information about the Irish Buddhist monk, U Dhammaloka. As the site itself describes, Dhammaloka was a fascinating and somewhat mysterious figure:

This site records the hunt for one man – U Dhammaloka, a remarkable Buddhist monk and anti-colonial agitator who was active across Asia – Ceylon (Sri Lanka), India, Burma, Siam (Thailand), Straits Settlements (Malaysia), Singapore, Australia, China and Japan – between 1900 and 1913 before disappearing. We know Dhammaloka had been a hobo (migrant worker) in the USA and before that was born in Dublin around 1856. He has a hundred-year head start but we are on his trail…

And according to a recent announcement about the project:

The site includes details of the search for Dhammaloka (including published research and events), early western Buddhists (including early monks and the “Southeast Asia as Buddhist crossroads” conference) and Buddhism and Ireland. It is intended as a repository of existing work in these areas and will be updated with news of events, publications, progress reports and so on. We hope this will be a useful research resource. 

About Jovan Maud

I'm a lecturer in the Institute for Social and Cultural Anthropology at Georg-August University, Göttingen, Germany. Interests include: transnational religious networks, popular religion in Thailand, religious tourism and commodification, and digital anthropology.
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