New journal on religion in Japan

Another announcement about a new journal that will interest scholars of Buddhism> the Journal of Religion in Japan, published by Brill.

The first issue, which focuses on Religion and the Secular in Japan, is now available. Brill is offering free online access to JRJ 1/1 at:


JOURNAL OF RELIGION IN JAPAN 1/1 (March 2012)Publisher’s note



– Ian Reader. Secularisation, R.I.P.? Nonsense! The ‘Rush Hour Away from the Gods’ and the Decline of Religion in Contemporary Japan.

– John Nelson. Japanese Secularities and the Decline of Temple Buddhism.

– Mark Mullins. Secularization, Deprivatization, and the Reappearance of ‘Public Religion’ in Japanese Society.

– Elisabetta Porcu. Observations on the Blurring of the Religious and the Secular in a Japanese Urban Setting.

Book reviews

– Paula Arai. Bringing Zen Home: The Healing Heart of Japanese Women’s Rituals. Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press, 2011 (Helen J. Baroni).

– Ugo Dessì (ed.). The Social Dimension of Shin Buddhism. Leiden and Boston: Brill, 2010 (Paul Watt).

– Lori Meeks. Hokkeji and the Reemergence of Female Monastic Orders in Premodern Japan, Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press, 2010 (Matthew Mitchell).



Editorial board


Elisabetta Porcu, University of Leipzig

Paul B. Watt, Waseda University, Tokyo

Book Review Editor:

Helen Baroni, University of Hawaii

Editorial Advisory Board:

Galen Amstutz, Institute of Buddhist Studies, Berkeley

Ugo Dessì, University of Leipzig

Bernard Faure, Columbia University

Nam-lin Hur, University of British Columbia

Inoue Nobutaka, Kokugakuin University

Richard Jaffe, Duke University

Nakamaki Hirochika, National Museum of Ethnology, Osaka

Fabio Rambelli, University of California, Santa Barbara

Janine T. A. Sawada, Brown University

Robert Sharf, University of California, Berkeley

George J. Tanabe, University of Hawaii

Founding Editor:

Elisabetta Porcu, University of Leipzig

More information on the Journal of Religion in Japan can be found here:

Individual subscribers can apply for a free online subscription to the first volume (3 issues, 2012) of the Journal. To apply for such a subscription please contact Maarten Frieswijk, Editor Religious Studies,

We hope that the Journal of Religion in Japan would provide a stimulating and challenging venue for enriching the study of religion in Japan. We welcome submissions to the Journal through Editorial Manager:


With our best regards,


The Editors

Elisabetta Porcu and Paul B. Watt



About Jovan Maud

I'm a lecturer in the Institute for Social and Cultural Anthropology at Georg-August University, Göttingen, Germany. Interests include: transnational religious networks, popular religion in Thailand, religious tourism and commodification, and digital anthropology.
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