Upcoming conference: Buddhism & Australia 2013

Here is a conference announcement being circulated by The Buddhism & Australia Inc:

International Conference “Buddhism & Australia 2013”

will be held in 7 – 9th of August, 2013 in Perth, Western Australia.The conference acknowledges Buddhism in Austral-Asian region, its’ history and knowledge, involving Buddhism and notable people in its religious history.

The first conference ,,Buddhism & Australia” took place from 2-4th of February 2012 in Murdoch university, Perth and was a great success. Participated academics and Buddhist scholars from 16 countries around the world and the conference covered a large variety of topics, which clearly indicated the direction for the next years. All presentations, the opening and welcoming speeches are available in conference website

The  2013 conference will have 4 working panels and like the first conference, 2013 will have emphasis on in-depth Buddhist studies.

The 4 working panels in 2013 will be divided into following categories:

1)      History
2)      Philosophy
3)      Texts (Sutras, Tantras, commentaries and translations )
4)      Open topics like “Buddhism in contemporary society”, “Buddhism & Environment” etc.

Buddhists from all traditions, monastic’s, academics, scholars and others interested in Oriental and  Buddhist studies are invited to present abstracts of their works.

  • The conference has no conference registration or participation fees.
  • Working language will be English. The time for paper presentation is 30 minutes.
  • Papers to be presented in the conference will be published in conference website.

Deadline for Abstracts: 5 April 2013

Deadline for Full-Article:  15 May 2013

Organizers.                                                                                                                                            The author and organizer for “Buddhism & Australia” conference  is Ven.Vello Väärtnõu, the Head of Estonian Nyingma and Buddhism & Australia Inc, who has been organizing International “Buddhism & Nordland” Conferences since 2006: www.budcon.com
2012 conference review: Buddhistdoor ; Perthnow;

To register
To participate in the “Buddhism & Australia 2013” please submit the abstract of your paper (max 500 words) and
CVs (maximum of 2 pages, including  personal statement and/or listing of publications or work experience) by the following                                                                                   e-mail: info@buddhismandaustralia.com before April 5th, 2013

Contact/ info:
Tel:   +61 0452568831
Email: info@buddhismandaustralia.com


About Jovan Maud

I'm a lecturer in the Institute for Social and Cultural Anthropology at Georg-August University, Göttingen, Germany. Interests include: transnational religious networks, popular religion in Thailand, religious tourism and commodification, and digital anthropology.
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